About Us

Our Focus

Our freediving courses combine science, relaxation breathing and aquatic movement techniques to create amphibious humans. Learn how to move efficiently and effortlessly, like a water creature. Experience the depth of your aquatic nature. Be safe and happy in water.

We also offer spearfishing courses, spearfishing charters, manta tours, guided freediving on the Liberty shipwreck and professional underwater photoshoots.

We feel a strong connection to water and our school is about sharing this therapeutic return to the big blue. We encourage students to discover their potential and draw inspiration from the freediving journey. Personal development happens on many levels through this transformative practice.

Anyone can learn to freedive. Simple relaxation techniques calm the body and mind, helping to conserve oxygen. Mastering the art of hydrodynamic movement, it is possible for beginners to reach depths of 10-20m on a two day course with us, freediving in Bali.

Nurture a fluid awareness of self and sea. Join us on an alchemical adventure into the liquid wilderness. Inside and out. So above, so below.

Our Location and School

Fathom Freediving school is based in the fishing town of Amed in Bali, Indonesia. We are located in Jemeluk Bay, see map location here. Facilities include large air-conditioned classroom, open air classroom and hot/cold water showers.

With beautiful coral gardens, reefs and walls to be explored, This bay is a popular dive site, abundant with marine life. Depth ranges from 4m to 47m.

Amed has not lost the traditional, relaxed atmosphere. Restaurants, yoga studios, café gardens and bars overlook the sunset behind mount Agung. A winding road runs along the coastline with ocean on one side and towering hills on the other. Shipwrecks, waterfalls, beaches and colorful culture is here. For more information see our Amed guide.

Freediving: A Tool for Life

Many indigenous cultures still freedive to collect seafood. The ability is ancient, and human physiology is well prepared for going underwater on a single breath. Freediving activates the ‘mammalian dive reflex’, in a similar way to whales and dolphins. With the right guidance, over a relatively short time period, students learn to go deeper and stay longer. Confidence grows as mental and physical adaptation develops. Our freediving courses in Bali help unlock this innate ability, allowing you to explore the ocean freely.

Discovering this relic of your origin can be exhilarating and empowering. A delicate blend of focus and abstraction, control and letting go. An exercise in trusting the body and calming the mind. Freediving becomes a natural and peaceful experience, a break from stress and left-brain thinking of every day life.

With practice in the ocean, we learn how to shift from a strongly engaged mind state represented by Beta brain waves, into the resting and unengaged mind state represented by Alpha brain waves. In some cases we may even slip into the highly creative, daydreaming space of Theta brain waves. For more information about brain waves in freediving click here.

Skills gained in freediving can often translate into other areas of life. We may gain self-confidence and purpose. We become able to let go, live in the moment and manage emotions with mindfulness. Achievements in the ocean lead us to a broader perspective of what is possible for us as individuals.

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