About Us

Who we are

Fathom Freedive is an expanding group of teachers offering knowledge and experience to create unique Bali freediving courses.
 Our offering spans across freediving, science, photography, spearfishing, nutrition, yoga, breathwork.
We have a deep connection to water and thrive on sharing this. People can discover what is possible and draw inspiration from the ocean. Development on many levels happens through this transformative practice and powerful relationship to nature.

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What is Freediving?

Anyone can learn freediving. We use simple breathing techniques that relax the body and mind. It is possible for beginners to reach depths of 10-20m in 2 days on a PADI freediver course

You will learn how to move efficiently through the water in a fluid and hydrodynamic way, similar to other sea creatures.

It’s a magik blend of awareness, escape, control and letting go. An exercise in trusting the body. A science of hydrodynamics and mental/physical conditioning. A technical sport with emotional content. Freediving is a natural and peaceful experience. A break from stress and confusion.

The ability is ancient and many indigenous cultures still freedive to collect seafood. Human bodies are well prepared for going underwater on a single breath. Doing so activates the Mammalian Dive Reflex, in a similar way to whales and dolphins. With the correct guidance, over a relatively short time period, a persons physiology learns to adapt and their confidence grows.

Our freediving courses help you unlock this ability and explore the ocean. Discovering this relic can be exhilarating, therapeutic and empowering. Fathom are here to encourage awareness of self and sea.


Amed is on the North East Coast of Bali. There are beautiful coral gardens, reefs and walls to be explored here, abundant with marine life. Right next to our centre, Jemeluk Bay is great for snorkelling or deeper diving to 47m. When more depth is required, we use a boat.
Mount Agung volcano can be seen to the North. A cliff-top bar and restaurant overlooks the shimmering waters of Jemeluk bay. In the evening people gather here to watch the sun set. New yoga studios are opening, there are many restaurants and you can always find live music somewhere.
A winding road runs along the coastline with ocean on one side and towering hills on the other. Shipwrecks, waterfalls, beaches and colourful culture is here.

The School

Our school is 2 minutes walk from Jemeluk Bay where we conduct all Bali freediving courses. Facilities include a large air-conditioned classroom, an open air classroom and hot/cold water showers.