Water Raptor

Water Raptor

I was always interested in wild things. I kept beautifully planted aquariums with fully functional ecosystems. I made green water to breed microorganisms, I fed the microorgnisms to newt larvae. I kept small fish. I kept tadpoles to watch them change into frogs. I kept dragonfly nymphs to watch them ambush the fish and tadpoles.

I’ve changed so much and grown up a lot. These days I mostly dress up as a frogman-ninja and ambush fish, like most adults. I also remember jumping onto tables like a raptor. I’m going to go with that. Freediving is like a raptor jumping onto a table.

I remember sometiems I was a raptor, compleltey a raptor and you could not tell me otherwise. And again now my inner child has returned as the manifestation of the water raptor, doing what I want and loving it. Living raptor life to the fullest.

And then its time to get out, take off the frog shoes and ninja suit only to remember that raptors were are just a conspiracy theory made up by Steven Spielberg.

But let me riddle you this… If a water raptor jumps onto a table in the woods when you are 60m underwater, is it you?


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