Healing Breath

Transformation and Personal Power.

When experiencing trauma, sometimes we restrict our breathing in order to stop the flow of overwhelming emotions. However, this pattern may continue after the event is over. This holds us back in life and contributes to bad health.

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Healing Breath a simple technique that opens up the respiratory system for better physical and emotional health. This technique helps people release tension, boost the immune system, detox, process suppressed emotions, access more energy and experience more joy.

Equipped with this self-healing modality we can eliminate sickness, addiction, psychosomatic illness, stress and many other dis-orders.

A regular practice liberates the breather from old patterns of thinking and behavior. Sessions can be emotional, blissful and profound. The result is a state of peace and power. People may find spiritual connection through this practice

We run regular workshops all over Bali.

Check the calendar/map in the CONTACT section for workshop dates and locations.

Group workshops (3 hours):

US$ 15 / IDR 200,000.

Private Sessions (2-3 hours):

Single session: US$ 45 / IDR 500,000.

7 sessions:        US$ 200 / IDR 2,800,000

 (25% discount on all prices for Indonesian I.D. holders)