PADI Advanced Freediver (Level 2)

Go deeper, Stay longer

Three days (20-30m) $300

The PADI advanced freediver course builds on the basics. Skills such as “freefall” are introduced to allow easier, longer and deeper dives. You will practice oxygen conservation through correct technique and appropriate energy output. Students demonstrate ability to provide reliable safety to other divers and handle deeper rescue scenarios. We also introduce lung/diaphragm stretching exercises and yoga for freediving.

On this Bali freediving course (PADI Advanced Freediver), you will start to increase breath hold time and Carbon Dioxide tolerance through static and dynamic training tables.

You will understand and utilise the power of mental and physical relaxation. Students may dive as deep as 30m on the advanced freediver course. However, we put more emphasis on achieving a good feeling during each dive, rather than pushing to your absolute limit.

Your experience and goals are always discussed before starting the advanced freediver course. The idea is to create a consistent freediver with the knowledge and skills to take responsibility for their own development.

Bali freediving course happen in Amed at our freediving school. The tropical coral reefs here are teeming with marine life, making them a great place to learn. After completing the course your instructor will take you on a guided tour of the USAT Liberty, a famous WW2 shipwreck. Here you can explore the sunken structures while your instructor captures photos of you.

Day 1:

 Theory session:

  • Review of level 1.
  • Checking and developing the full inhalation.
  • Frenzel equalisation workshop (if required).
  • Residual lung volume and improving diaphragmatic flexibility.
  • Full lung stretching (how and why).
  • Empty lung stretching (how and why).
  • Basics of Freefalling (body alignment).
  • How to kick start the diving reflex (warm ups).

Open Water Session:

  • Introduction to warm-up hangs.
  • Refining style and technique (duck dive, kicking, body alignment).
  • Buoyancy check and Freefall practice.
  • Deep dives.

Lunch and drinks provided.

  • Discussion and feedback.

Theory session:

  • Archimedes principle (how buoyancy and freefall works).
  • Daltons law (in relation to shallow water black out).

Day 2:

 Theory session:

  • Rescue and safety review.
  • Wet static apnea (psychology, mental technique).

Stretching and Yoga.

Confined water session:

  • Static apnea warm ups.
  • Static apnea and static apnea coaching
  • Dynamic apnea and Co2 tables.

Lunch and drinks provided.

  • Discussion and feedback.

Open water session:

  • Warm up hangs.
  • Efficient turning.
  • Deep dives and freefall practice.
  • Rescue skills
  • Safety diving for deep dives.

Day 3:

 Ocean session:

  • Warm up hangs.
  • Optional variable weight dive.
  • Skill demonstrations.
  • Deep dives.
  • Safety diving demonstration.

Lunch and drinks provided.

  • Discussion and feedback.

Theory session:

  • Revision of topics.
  • Exam.
  • Inspirational freediving films.

Fun Dive:

  • Explore the sunken structures of the USAT Liberty Shipwreck with your freediving instructor. The wreck is covered with coral and attracts abundant marine life. Depth varies from 5-25.

US$ 300

 Price Includes:

  • Meals and drinks (vegan and vegetarian options available).
  • Course materials.
  • Full equipment rental.
  • A high quality, color corrected JPEG photo album of your Bali freediving course.
  • Insurance for Bali freediving courses.
  • Guided adventure dive and photo shoot on USAT Liberty WW2 Shipwreck.

Extra costs:

  • Airport transfer from Denpasar to Amed: $40
  • PADI certification: £41

Discounts Available:

  • 2 people group: 10%
  • 3 people group: 15%
  • 2 courses booked together: 10%
  • 3 courses booked together: 15%
  • Indonesian ID holders: 15%
  • Previous students returning: 10%