About Us


Who Are We

Fathom Freedive is an expanding group of teachers offering passion and experience to create the most unique Bali freediving courses.
We have a deep love for the water and must share this with you. We want people to connect with and draw inspiration from the ocean, so that they may grow and develop on many levels through this powerful relationship.
Our education spans across freediving, marine science, underwater photography, selective spearfishing, nutrition, yoga, energy and breathwork. You can learn about all of this at our Bali freediving school.

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What is Freediving?

Anyone can learn freediving. We use simple breathing techniques that slow down the heart rate and relax the mind. It is common for complete beginners to reach depths of 20m in 2 days on a PADI freediver course

Developing these relaxation skills can help you in every day life, not only in the water. Freediving is a natural and peaceful experience, a break from the stress and confusion of modern life, an expression of harmony.

The ability is ancient and many indigenous cultures still freedive to collect seafood. Human bodies are actually well adapted to going underwater on a single breath. This works by activating the Mammalian Dive Reflex, in a similar way to whales and dolphins. With regular practice, a divers physiology begins to transform.

Our freediving courses equip you with the knowledge and techniques needed to unlock this ability and return to the ocean. Re-discovering a relic of our ancestral nature is exhilarating, therapeutic and empowering. We access a new realm. Fathom are here to encourage the exploration of self and sea.

Diving with specialised fins and without SCUBA equipment creates a different kind of underwater experience. You will learn how to move efficiently through the water in a fluid and hydrodynamic way, similar to other sea creatures.

Where is Amed?

 Amed is on the North East Coast of Bali. There are beautiful coral gardens, reefs and walls to be explored here, abundant with marine life. The bay slopes from shallow to as deep as 47m. When more depth is required, we use a boat.
Mount Agung volcano can always be seen to the North. A cliff-top bar and restaurant overlooks the shimmering waters of the bay. In the evening people gather here to watch the sun set. There are a few bars and you can always find live music somewhere.
A road runs along the coastline with ocean on one side and towering hills on the other. Two shipwrecks, waterfalls, beaches and miles of coral reef wait to be discovered.